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What to do while waiting for Twilight DVD

Twilighters Anonimous is giving us a list of things to do while waiting for Twilight DVD goes out...

I mean... we all know that we are just counting days.,.. and that we all have re-read the books like 8 timeas already... download the audiobook and we are filling our brain with Twilight until it collapses rigth?? or is just me??... please say you too at least to make me feel better LOL

Anyhoo... here is the list

10. Watch ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ and try to figure out how Cedric Diggory became a vampire. (I literally yelled "NOOOOO" when Edward died LOL... and I know deep down you at least gasp and cover your mouth so don't be an hypocritical)

9. Listen to “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” over and over until it finally makes sense. (That's one hell of a song... if only meaned anything)
8. Take random trips to the nearest Volvo dealership. (You know, just in case…)
7. Torture your significant other with different types of glitter to achieve that perfect ‘Edward sparkle’! (Once I just scream at him... Sparkle you fool... SPARKLE!!)
6. Find a new form of recreation - look for the perfect Edward and Bella meadow, learn to drive a motorbike with your best friend, or start a new cliff diving team.
5. Watch the weather report religiously and wait for a thunderstorm. (Maybe you’ll get lucky and catch a glimpse of the Cullens playing baseball!)
4. Get the cardboard standee of Edward and make him accompany you to the movies (to the movies?? hell no... people will look at me funny... he just sleeps next to me... and when someone knock on my door I put him in the closset... Is not Childish at all)
3. Print out the ‘Twilight’ script and force your family to act out the whole movie. (that is a great idea... I HAVE to do that soon)
2. Sit through as many Rob interviews as necessary until you can cut and splice it to sound like a marriage proposal. (To you, of course!) (I kinda know all his likes and dislikes... now I can transform myself in his perfect girl... thanks Youtube)
1. Go on TA, duh! (and to Twilinews too)

any other idea??... we have like a lot of days so help out

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