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And now... let's look for an Alec

EW.com released an article about Dakota's pick for Jane... and they are wondering who would be the perct Alec to cast... they have a Suggestion... Lucas Grabeel... but I don't like it at all... what do you think??... I would like someone like Freddie Highmore you know... the magitian kid of Stepmom... or Liam Aiken the boy from spiderwick... anyhoo... enjoy the article and comment

'Twilight': If Dakota Fanning is Jane, who should be Alec?

With news
that Dakota Fanning will meet with New Moon director Chris Weitz next week to formally discuss her being offered the role of vampire Jane in the Twilight sequel, it's time for us to help Weitz find his Alec, Jane's bloodsucker brother. According to the books, Alec is a pale boy (surprise) who could be Jane's twin. "His hair was darker, and his lips were not as full, but he was just as lovely," Stephenie Meyer writes in New Moon. Elijah Wood is a popular suggestion, since Jane and Alec are small in stature, but I doubt that the man who starred in the Lord of the Rings trilogy would want to be backburner in a Twilight sequel. Then again, if Weitz (or the director of any future Twilight sequels) wanted to go off-book and flesh out the fascinating Volturi and their guard with Meyer's approval, I don't think anyone would mind. (Right?) Also, what is Elijah Wood doing these days?

Assuming Wood is out, I submit High School Musical's Lucas Grabeel (pictured) for consideration. He might be a bit too tall to pair with Fanning, but they could always have him stand/walk in a shallow hole/trench. (Really, he's not going to be onscreen that long for it to become a huge inconvenience.) To me, Grabeel's face is angelic, but also blank -- perfect for a character who is able to cut off all your senses and make you feel absolutely nothing. Together, he and Fanning (character gift: to bring the pain) would be appropriately off-putting. Plus, they'd look so cute together.

Now what dou YOU think... any other suggestion for Alec??

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  1. Well , I like the way he acts on hsm but he is for comedy...I mean..I can´t imagine him on drama or something like that.Anyway , he is great actor , so funny!!
    Kisses , cool blog , I will visit it more ;)