What scenes you can't wait to see on New Moon... pick 5

OMG!! Dakota Fanning as JANE

Ok people... time to Focus...

E! online published an article that looks very... well researched... woth words like "exclusively report " and "source reveals"... so lets be hopeful that is true...

They say that Dakota Fanning has been casted to play JANE... you know... Alec's twin sister??... part of the Volturi's Guard??... the one that hurs Edward in Italy?? yes her... the article says:

“There were no auditions,” a source reveals. “They just offered it to her outright, and now they’re in negotiations. They’ve been going back and forth.”

I'm very excuted because I really can picture Dakota as Jane... did you see "hide and Seek"?? well that pretty much how I picture her... kinda creepy


  1. no. no. no. oh no. that is tragic. Dakota Fanning CANNOT play Jane! really?! Honestly, that's pretty much an insult to the books. No offense, Dakota, but she is SO not Jane!
    Dakota, luv ya, but don't even try it. HER as Jane, i predict, will really turn off people's enthusiasm for New Moon. Sorry, darling, but no.

  2. I'm sure Fanning is a great actess, i've seen some movies that she's done, and by all means, she's great. But not right for New Moon, or the whole Twilight Saga movies in general.

  3. Okay.
    I'm in shock!
    But I think she will be good, I really like Dakota and all that, but I had an image in my head of someone older, But yeah I think she'll be amazing, seriously, Give her a chance.