What scenes you can't wait to see on New Moon... pick 5

Lucy Hale also auddition to play JANE

Buuhh for lucy Hale... she's the girl from Privileged and she also was in "The sisterhood of the traveling pants 2" as Rory's little sister... yes the one that looses the pants... anyways... she audittioned for the role of Jane but look like she wasn't competition for Dakota...

Privileged’s Lucy Hale just dished to Twist magazine that not only did Dakota Fanning audition for Jane in New Moon, but she did too!
The 19-year-old actress shared with the mag, “Well, I did read [for the role of Jane]. We had some talks about it. But I think they just offered it to Dakota Fanning, the role I was interested in. Which is great - I’m a huge fan of her! So, I think she’ll probably take that. And I mean, as of right now, I’m not sure if it’s going to work out. But I’m definitely still going to see it!”

which one do you prefeer??

Lucy Hale also audditioned to play JANE

Vancouver Casting

As I told you in some other blog... there is actually a public cast for new moon ... and we got the announcement... here it is

Sunday, February 89AM to 12 Noon
Aikins/Cossey Casting is conducting a three city search for a Major Motion Picture.

We are looking for young FIRST NATIONS/ABORIGINAL ACTORS AND ACTRESSES BETWEEN THE AGES OF 15 and 25. It will shoot in Vancouver starting mid March to the end of May. Experience is not a requirement. If you are male or female, between 15 and 25 years old, are First Nations and interested in a speaking part in a Hollywood release, please consider attending an open call in your area at the following location:


Open Calls will be from 9AM to 12 Noon. Potential candidates will be given script material and asked to return in the afternoon to audition. There is no cost for this Open call and at no time will you be asked to pay for the ability to audition or if you are offered a role. Just show up between 9AM and 12 Noon at the above location.

I really wanna see howcrowded its gonna be and how many people are going to be there pretending they are Navive Americans... anyways-... good luck for all those who will go... and take lots of pics and send them to me LOL

What to do while waiting for Twilight DVD

Twilighters Anonimous is giving us a list of things to do while waiting for Twilight DVD goes out...

I mean... we all know that we are just counting days.,.. and that we all have re-read the books like 8 timeas already... download the audiobook and we are filling our brain with Twilight until it collapses rigth?? or is just me??... please say you too at least to make me feel better LOL

Anyhoo... here is the list

10. Watch ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ and try to figure out how Cedric Diggory became a vampire. (I literally yelled "NOOOOO" when Edward died LOL... and I know deep down you at least gasp and cover your mouth so don't be an hypocritical)

9. Listen to “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” over and over until it finally makes sense. (That's one hell of a song... if only meaned anything)
8. Take random trips to the nearest Volvo dealership. (You know, just in case…)
7. Torture your significant other with different types of glitter to achieve that perfect ‘Edward sparkle’! (Once I just scream at him... Sparkle you fool... SPARKLE!!)
6. Find a new form of recreation - look for the perfect Edward and Bella meadow, learn to drive a motorbike with your best friend, or start a new cliff diving team.
5. Watch the weather report religiously and wait for a thunderstorm. (Maybe you’ll get lucky and catch a glimpse of the Cullens playing baseball!)
4. Get the cardboard standee of Edward and make him accompany you to the movies (to the movies?? hell no... people will look at me funny... he just sleeps next to me... and when someone knock on my door I put him in the closset... Is not Childish at all)
3. Print out the ‘Twilight’ script and force your family to act out the whole movie. (that is a great idea... I HAVE to do that soon)
2. Sit through as many Rob interviews as necessary until you can cut and splice it to sound like a marriage proposal. (To you, of course!) (I kinda know all his likes and dislikes... now I can transform myself in his perfect girl... thanks Youtube)
1. Go on TA, duh! (and to Twilinews too)

any other idea??... we have like a lot of days so help out

10 Signs You’re Too Obsessed With Twilight... guilty

LOL there was an article in Times Of the Internet with 10 signs of obssesion lol ... i'm pretty much lost... what about you??

Almost everybody loves "Twilight," but what happens when you just go too damn far? What are the signs that your love for Twilight has crossed the line into obsession? We've created this handy check list to help you decided if you need professional assistance with your Twilight Obsession. (professional... is not that bad is it?)

10) You've memorized every line of the book series (what?? is not like something weird is it?)
9) You refer to yourself as a "Twilight Scholar"
8) Your screen name is a Twilight character's name (pfff nooo... well just the last name)
7) You spend all day blogging about the movie (ok I have no deffense on that one... exhibit A)
6) You are set to receive Twitter updates about "New Moon" (and Google... OMG this is not going well)
5) You think Catherine Hardwicke should be the next President of the United States (pff not ... I'm not from the US...)
4) You actually think you have a future with either Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner (What kind of an idiotic question is that? of course I have... did I just quote New Moon?)
3) You just know in your heart that vampires are real (Of course they are... they just keep it secret... but that's ok we don't want the Voultury to kill them all )
2) You're sure Twilight is non-fiction (we just said that vampires are real)
1) You have your Google Alerts set to notify you anytime anyone in the world mentions Twilight even once. (hmm... look #6)

If 5 or more of these statements apply to you, you may already be too far gone to help. If all 10 are applicable, all we can do is send some good vibes and hope for the best.

Ok I didn't like this... 9/10... is not good... don't get me wrong.. I love Twilight but Obsssesed??... I need to ... What the Hell... Yes i'm a fan... Yes I'm obssesed, Yes I'll marry Rob... and I'm not ashame of that... (yes I just quote again... so WHAT?)

Wrong America...

Looks like we were wrong about Emily... It was not America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) the one auditioning for Emily's role... It was a girl called America Young... and ahe just auditioned... the part hasn't been given yet... anyhoo this is her... so good luck

She's talkin' New Moon!!

Dakota Fanning was in a interview promoting her new film "Push" and this is what acces hollywood ask her and look what she said

She has my support... she can play scary too..

For all tthose how believe that Dakota will ruin New moon... that's soo not gonna happend... she's a great actress and she will deliver... plus she is in the perfect age for Jane... because supposelly she's was too young when she was changed... the voltury wanted to wait until she was older but the had to change her for an emergency.. look...

according to correspondance with Stephenie Meyer: "They (Alec and Jane) were burned at the stake for witchcraft when Aro stepped in. (By "stepped in" I mean "slaughtered the whole village," of course). Aro already had his eye on these two, but he wanted to let them age before he took them. The villagers forced his hand, which sort of pissed him off. The shape Jane’s talent took was influenced by the fire she endured before Aro saved her. "

Thet means that for example... Edward was 17... then she has to be younger than Edward... so 15 sounds pretty good for me...

Here is a Video from Hide and Seek that show you that she can be kinda scary too...

And now... let's look for an Alec

EW.com released an article about Dakota's pick for Jane... and they are wondering who would be the perct Alec to cast... they have a Suggestion... Lucas Grabeel... but I don't like it at all... what do you think??... I would like someone like Freddie Highmore you know... the magitian kid of Stepmom... or Liam Aiken the boy from spiderwick... anyhoo... enjoy the article and comment

'Twilight': If Dakota Fanning is Jane, who should be Alec?

With news
that Dakota Fanning will meet with New Moon director Chris Weitz next week to formally discuss her being offered the role of vampire Jane in the Twilight sequel, it's time for us to help Weitz find his Alec, Jane's bloodsucker brother. According to the books, Alec is a pale boy (surprise) who could be Jane's twin. "His hair was darker, and his lips were not as full, but he was just as lovely," Stephenie Meyer writes in New Moon. Elijah Wood is a popular suggestion, since Jane and Alec are small in stature, but I doubt that the man who starred in the Lord of the Rings trilogy would want to be backburner in a Twilight sequel. Then again, if Weitz (or the director of any future Twilight sequels) wanted to go off-book and flesh out the fascinating Volturi and their guard with Meyer's approval, I don't think anyone would mind. (Right?) Also, what is Elijah Wood doing these days?

Assuming Wood is out, I submit High School Musical's Lucas Grabeel (pictured) for consideration. He might be a bit too tall to pair with Fanning, but they could always have him stand/walk in a shallow hole/trench. (Really, he's not going to be onscreen that long for it to become a huge inconvenience.) To me, Grabeel's face is angelic, but also blank -- perfect for a character who is able to cut off all your senses and make you feel absolutely nothing. Together, he and Fanning (character gift: to bring the pain) would be appropriately off-putting. Plus, they'd look so cute together.

Now what dou YOU think... any other suggestion for Alec??

Where is Waldo... I mean... Robert

He's been a laying low... like very low... but he knows we can't live withaout him for so long... so he just make random appearances... Thank god for thar... and here is the latest... he was in another pub in London... Lucky girl

I think we got the wolf girl

Looks like these days have been like cast days, now we have another rumor on New Moon's cast... this time is America Ferrera... you know?? Ugly Betty.. she says she just audition for the role of Emily Young... Sam's fiancee... I think is great... but... She's like kinda known... and Emily's part is like very small... we'll see

"I got to audition for New Moon today! For the role of Emily," Crazy Days and Nights quotes the outspoken actress and snappy dresser as saying. "The casting director, you fans of the book will be glad to know, has read the books and loves them. And you can tell. His direction was spot on for the character. I loved the books. I would so love to be in the movie!!!"

here is the link for the Article for you to read it all... http://www.celebuzz.com/america-ferrera-new-moon-s80281/


Wanna be Bella??... now you can.. sort of

Faceinhole.com has a new Twilight pic where you can put your face on bellas... try it... its kinda fun...

Bring on the LOLs... 8 Things That Are Bugging Me About Robert Pattinson

Here is an article from TIMESOFTHEINTERNET.COM and I think is hilarious... check it out and comment

8 Things That Are Bugging Me About Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson this, Robert Pattinson that. You can’t leave your house anymore without being assaulted by Robert Pattinson. The name haunts me worse than any tween vampire ever could. Robert Pattinson is all anyone cares about. He’s like Brangelina, only stronger, because there’s only one of him. That’s right. Robert Pattinson is a Hollywood Power Couple all by himself. Let me articulate what’s getting on my nerves about Robert Pattinson.

8) Nobody is this humble! This guy has to have an ego or he wouldn’t even be able to leave the house in the morning. Personally, I know people who work the graveyard shift at the local gas station and think they’re something special. Here’s a guy in one of the hottest movies around and he refuses to talk himself up.

7) He doesn’t have a girlfriend. He’s 22 and he’s not tied into a relationship. He doesn’t have a ball or a chain he has to answer to at the end of a long day of filming. What nerve.

6) He’s nice to fans. This guy is nice to his fans, a rare trait if ever there was one. I prefer surly, anti-social celebrities. They’re easier to hate on.

5) He’s had it too easy in Hollywood.

4) He doesn’t get involved in unnecessary drama. He has no bitter custody case going on. He isn’t under arrest for DUI. Compared to Shia LaBeouf this cat is unnatural.

3) Girls love him just a bit too much.

2) He’s not going away any time soon. Right now Pattinson can do no wrong. Everybody wants him in their next movie so he can afford to be selective and choose whatever project he wants. We’ll all have to deal with him for years!

1) His new haircut. He’s supposed to have long vampire hair. Now he looks like a Young Republican.

I know some of you will say “You live in a Free World, if you choose to, you can ignore Robert Pattinson.” Uh, no I can’t. It’s not in the cards. Sure I’d love to be a Robert Pattinson hater, but it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards. So far the guy has managed to keep his overall image so positive, there aren’t any chinks in his armor. So far.

Our Jacob bulkin' up

Taylor Lautner has been spoted in L.A... looks like he's bulding up a body... plus he's taking very seriously Jacob's last name... his wearing all Black... sounded funnier in my head...

Twilight Activism... I AGREE

Watch this video... it is from a girl whose asking for signatures and popularity to get our favorite Quotes into the New Moon movie... so... enjoy and sign

And the song should be on the movie too... HAUNTED by Kelly Clarkson
"You held my hand, you held me tightNow you're goneAnd I'm still cryingShocked, brokenI'm dying inside"
"Why did you go?All these questions run through my mindI wish I couldn't feel at allLet me be numbI'm starting to fall"

nice right??