What scenes you can't wait to see on New Moon... pick 5

Twilight Activism... I AGREE

Watch this video... it is from a girl whose asking for signatures and popularity to get our favorite Quotes into the New Moon movie... so... enjoy and sign

And the song should be on the movie too... HAUNTED by Kelly Clarkson
"You held my hand, you held me tightNow you're goneAnd I'm still cryingShocked, brokenI'm dying inside"
"Why did you go?All these questions run through my mindI wish I couldn't feel at allLet me be numbI'm starting to fall"

nice right??


  1. Really good video.
    I swear if they change the breaking up scene, and when they get back together, I will, urgh i'll scream, and protest that they've ruined it.
    If they remove the 'Before you my life was like a moonless night' I will hate the director, and the writer, because that is the best part of the whole book, I mean it's one amazing quote isn't it? And yeah, I do think that song should be in the film, it's a really good song. Anyway I've gotten my little rant in now, so bye! XD

  2. i knoooowww!!! i have read the breaking up part like 200 times... and evry time makes me chill and depresses me LOL...

    the part of... I had to keep moving... if I stopped looking for him it was over... Love, Life, Meanning... Over" OMG

    and yes.. the "Iwas blinded by the lights, I couldn't see the stars anymore"... the whole thing is just AMAZING!! the HAVE to put it

  3. I agree!!! they need to keep these key parts of the story 100% the same or it will be ruined, they missed so much in twilight already(not saying it wans't good) they just need ot keep it in the same mind set.

  4. I AGREE!!!!!!! I love the.... I had to keep moving...if I stopped looking for him it was over...love, life, meaning...over!!!! that HAS to stay!!!!! and the song is perfect!!!!! They def missed some things from twilight. I hope they keep all the high points of new moon!!

  5. Agree!!!!! love it

  6. totally.without these quates it won't be it.and video is so cool ;D